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South Region Club Leaders Phling 2023

We are inviting all Board members of the South Region clubs to attend this weekend of fun, camaraderie, sharing, and learning.
For many years, the South Region Club Leaders would gather annually to get to know each other and share ideas.  Each year, a different club hosted the event in their hometown.  We’ve been to Dallas, Oklahoma City, The Woodlands, Austin, San Antonio that I can remember!  Somewhere along the way, the meetings were changed to being short meetings at some event, i.e. Riddles in the Sand, etc.  While some time together is better than no time together…..let's get back to the weekend format.
Benefits of spending more time together
  • developing closer relationships with other club leaders in the region
  • maintaining a better line of communication with other club leaders
  • learning from others about club management, club issues, planning events
  • feeling more comfortable calling on other club leaders and your Regional Communicators for advice and help
The Austin Texas PHC is planning to host the revival of the “Club Leaders Phling”.  The typical schedule is:
  • Friday night – Arrival, Meet & Greet, sometimes Krazy Karaoke (I blame COPA for starting that tradition! 😊), generally hanging out and getting to know each other.
    • Since it's Cinco de Mayo, we are looking into the option of having dinner catered along with a margarita machine.​
    • If we cater in dinner, we'll start that around 6:00 pm.  Then Karaoke around 7 pm-ish.
  • Saturday during the day – Club Leaders meet, and share ideas & concerns.  Sometimes we have guests to share ideas also.  Spouses can have time for themselves.
  • Saturday Night – Jonas Lorence, Bert Hebert and who knows who else will entertain us, Happy Hour style and we open it to any club members in the area to attend.
We welcome all that are on the Board of a South Region club.  
  • All Board members are invited.  We just ask that you register.
  • Spouses are invited to attend the “Social” events.  Club leaders only for the meeting. Besides….spouses don’t want to hear all this stuff!  LOL!
  • Participating clubs are asked to donate $50 towards the cost of the meeting space rental. Once the clubs are registered, we'll send an invoice to each club.
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